At the end of the second week of CBLOL 2024a FURY got bitter his first 0-2 and the team is among the lanterns of the championship with INTZ e Flow. Even with the defeat, the team played a great game in the fourth round against the champion of the last split (LOUD), however, the “almost” was not pleasing MaestroFURIA technician.

Maestro says he doesn’t want to be a thorn in their side

In an exclusive interview with More EsportsMaestro said that fans could expect a FURY in search of the cups:

You can expect a very adaptable FURIA who will play to win above all else, our motto is that this FURIA came to compete for cups.

This Sunday (28/01), despite the defeat, Maestro remained faithful to his speech at the press conference. When asked about playing “on equal terms” with LOUD, the coach stated:

I’m pissed, despite being at the beginning of the championship, I don’t want this team to be the one that gives everyone a hard time and doesn’t beat anyone and ends up without play-offs, I’ve seen this story many times in CBLOL. So we don’t want to be a thorn in our side, we came to compete for the title

The coach’s dissatisfaction was caught on the new CBLOL cameras, similar to Aoshi’s case, check it out:

Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Still at the press conference, the coach stated that the team’s biggest problem was the execution of Team Fight, and that as a coach, he knows that it was possible to have that game.

FURIA vents on social media

The bitter feeling of the defeat overflowed on the social networks of FURIA players and coaching staff. Check out some rants:

Upcoming opportunities

As already highlighted: it is still the beginning of the championship. Maestro and FURIA have the chance to recover their good form next weekend, when they will face direct opponents INTZ on Saturday (03/02) and LOS on Sunday (04/02).

Will FURIA turn things around? To find out, just follow the complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 1st split with game calendar, results, tables and other information here on More Esports!


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