A LOUD won again paiN Gaming and is in the grand final of CBLOL 2024 1° split. The team saw a bit of difficulty in the early game of the games, but in the words of the team itself Tinowns, managed to “control the matches” to come away with victories.

In an interview on the CBLOL stage, the mid laner spoke about the series and even responded to a “provocation” that titaN had made on a paiN program.

To be honest, they surprised us, they had a very good early game in all the games, they put us in some very difficult situations, but we showed that we know how to control the game too, we know how to win the game in different situations.

Then, Rafaela Tomasi told Tinowns that titaN had said he was going to show paiN how he fought LOUD’s early game, just like he did when he was at RED.

Oh, but he never won at RED either, so it doesn’t change much

Tinowns talks about LOUD’s defeat in the second game

I think it was very difficult for us to build something, and we were a bit apathetic too. Their team just had to press R, there was no way to go wrong, they would hard engage me and Route and we would just die, so it was very difficult

Now paiN Gaming drops to the lower bracket and awaits the result of the confrontation between I live Keyd Stars e RED Canids.

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(Photo: Disclosure/CBLOL)
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