A LOUD won the RED by 3×0 on the fourth day of CBLOL 2024 playoffswith three routes giving significant gaps: Jungle, Mid e Support.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

A LOUD advances to the final of Top Keywhile the Red drops to the lower bracket. Check out a little more from the series.

LOUD vs RED – Series summary

Game 1 – Has anyone seen the Aegis? LOUD crushes the bot/jg

RED even dreamed about the bot and the top, but then Croc’s Maokai invaded Aegis’ jungle so much, it was just LOUD’s jungler ganking the bot-lane several times in a row. Bigger brand stomp!

Game 2 – Replay of game 1? LOUD runs over (again)

Playing the reverse match-up, Croc dominated the jungle with his Lee Sin, leaving Croc’s Aegis completely erased in the series, just like RED. LOUD with Tinowns and Route crushes the mid-game and wins another game without any major difficulties

Game 3 – RED even fights, but… there was a LOUD Tin in the way

In the third game, RED even extended the game, but honestly? It was insanely difficult to take Mid’s tier 1 tower, for example. Tin didn’t die in a game where he was a banger, by Aurelion Sol.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
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