In the first round of CBLOL 2024, a Liberty e INTZ debuted in the longest game of the round: 43 minutes.

In the game there were 3 Elder Dragons and 18 kills for each team, but the last fight was a Liberty walk, which irritated the Aoshihead-coach da INTZ 2024.

Aoshi’s frustration

The last fight of the game was against another Elder Dragon, and the result of the fight was 100% favorable for Liberty. Check out Aoshi’s reaction, head-coach at INTZ, and his frustration.

Strazzi comments on Aoshi’s reaction

At the post-game press conference, Strazzi (Assistant-Coach) was present and we asked what went so wrong for Aoshi to have that reaction. Check out the technician’s response:

Well, what went wrong in this fight was, basically, our biggest mistake within the game itself: we failed to understand how our composition worked, since we really just needed to get into the river with Udyr, play a front -to-front and it was supposed to be favorable for us, the advantage was ours and losing two Elders without contest is unacceptable with our advantage, composition, with a favorable draft in Aoshi’s opinion and mine too. His indignation is understandable.

(Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr)

The coach also said that, given this advantage that INTZ had, losing the game could be summed up in one word:

Proactivity, we had every advantage in the game, with lots of power spikes and hextech soul. We could use this strength to create pressure and control the map, but we failed a lot, we failed to understand how to play more aggressively.

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Sergio Fiorini
published in January 20, 2024


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