O CBLOL 2024 started this Saturday (20/01) in the confrontation between Kabum x LOUD. And at the end of the day, in the rivalry of Titan and the new PaiN Gaming against RED two cousins, who got the best was RED.

In this first round there was no lack of content, such as Route and the Heraldo Toucouille shining from Azir, shouting from RED Cousins and much more. Below, see the results of the day.

Results of the 1st round of CBLOL 2024 1st split

  • LOUD 1 x 0 Kaboom
  • Procuracy 1 x 0 LOS
  • Flow 1 X 0 FURY
  • Liberty 1 x 0 INTZ
  • RED 1 x 0 paiN

Match Statistics

published in January 20, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cblol-2024-loud-comeca-vencendo-e-red-derrota-a-pain

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