A I live Keyd Stars (VKS) debuted on CBLOL 2024 with a victory over LOS. The highlight of the match was Mid Toucouille, the gold leader was ADC Smiley and Jungler Disamis also attracted attention.

With the cast performing well and calmly, the coach SeeEl commented that he was proud of his players on stage, but highlighted that the team has areas to improve.

SeeEl confesses to being proud

In the post-game press conference, VKS coach SeeEl commented that he was proud of the players who were calm and having fun on stage.

Something I’m very proud of is that they entered the stage with zero nervousness, and here I give credit to the entire team of professionals, like Supinão who works on the performance, the psychologists. The players enjoyed the moment, they had fun, and that’s the beautiful thing about esports, having fun, making a living playing video games, that’s incredible, that’s why I was very proud.

From technician, to technician

The result may have excited the community, but when asked about today’s victory, whether it was exciting or not, SeeEl was more down to earth and said that the team still has room to improve.

Speaking of today’s result, I think there are a lot of things that we have to keep an eye on: like the invasion on the top-side, level 1, we should wait for that.

This shows that there is a lot to work on in terms of training and improving, but overall, you have to accept the small victories. I’m happy that we achieved this today, and I think what made me very happy was our posture in lane, I think Lyfaenia (assistant coach) helped us a lot with this, and has been dedicating himself a lot to this process. Anyway, today was the first step.

Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

The SeeEl process

Coach SeeEl spoke about the VKS 2024 project, ambitions and objectives in an exclusive interview with More Esports. If you want to know more about the coach, check out the interview below:

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cblol-2024-seeel-se-diz-muito-orgulhoso-da-estreia-da-vks-no-torneio

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