The transfer window is busier than ever! Not only in CBLOL, but in the Academy, the base division, teams are moving in search of new players for their squads.

O More Esports found out that Lord Semia well-known personality on the scene due to the champion Rammus, is closed with I live Keyd Stars for the CBLOL Academy. Initially it will be a reserve ThayTtitular jungle of the Warriors.

Lord Semi is one of the best-known monochampions in the community, with several participations in CBOLÃO, and also with his boootcamps playing in Brazil, but on different servers.

Lord Semi arrived at Challenger in two different regions

Recently, the player has been venturing into the South Korean ranked queues, however, playing directly from Brazil and with a completely high ping. He reached the Master.

In the not so distant past, Lord Semi reached Challenger in Europe and also in NA, managing to participate in several queues against professional players at the time of MSI and also Worlds.

What does Vivo Keyd Stars say?

When contacted for the report, Vivo Keyd Stars did not respond at the time of publication of this article.

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Reproduction/Lord Semi
Luis Santana
published in November 25, 2023edited 2 days ago


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