The support Ceos made his departure from LOUD official this Friday (24). The player will be KaBuM’s new support for the CBLOL 2024, as shown by investigations do More Esports.

In a video, the player thanked him for all his time at LOUD, from a difficult first year to the line-up that managed to dominate the Brazilian scene.

Ceos will become one of the highest paid players in the CBLOL

LOUD wanted to renew Ceos for the next split, just as paiN was also interested in the player, but neither organization came close to KaBuM’s offer, which aims to make Ceos the highest paid player in the CBLOL, or one of the highest paid .

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Ceos will pair with Neptune

In addition to hiring Ceos, KaBuM is also arranging the arrival of Neptune for the ADC position. The player, who was previously “closed” with the LOS, received a very good proposal from the ninjas, which even the LOS itself was pleased with. See more details in the video below:

Controversy between Ceos and KaBuM

The entire story between KaBuM and Ceos was a true “soap opera”. After Mais Esports reported that KaBuM intended to make a proposal for the player, shortly afterwards the CEO of LOUD (Jean) gave an interview in which he threw some “indirect” comments at Tata Wu, architect and producer of the projects for several gaming houses.

According to GE’s investigation, LOUD even reported KaBuM for enticing the player, which would have been done through the Architect. Tata defended himself and said that he did not entice the player, that he did not need to do something like that and that he never earned money from any CBLOL team or team. Check out the entire controversy in detail.

Ceos on LOUD

Ceos spent three years supporting LOUD and was the only one to remain among the organization’s line-up changes. The team had a troubled first year in the CBLOL, with 6th place being the best achieved.

In 2022, with the arrival of Tinowns and Robo, the team started to improve, but only really picked up when Croc took over the jungle and Brance the ADC position. In the second split of 2022, LOUD won its first CBLOL, and the emerald dynasty began there.

Even with Brance’s departure for 2023, LOUD managed to remain at the top, this time with Route as support. The team won both splits of CBLOL 2023, becoming the first three-time consecutive champion organization of the tournament.

(Foto: Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

LOUD wants renewal with the rest of the champion cast

It is worth noting that LOUD is already renewing the other four players in the squad: Robo, Croc, Tinowns e Route. The team’s next support will have to be a Brazilian, as the two South Koreans continue for 2024.

Other movements in the CBLOL 2024 transfer window


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