Now it’s official! Ceos is KaBuM’s new support for the CBLOL 2024, This contract was anticipated exclusively by the More Esports. The player returns to the ninja three after their last stint with the organization.

Ceos arrives as the best player in Brazil currently and will be part of the ninjas’ Superteam. The organization has already announced the stay of top Lonely, the signing of jungler Malrang and also the arrival of ADC Neptune. The next announcement will be from mid laner Hauz, who completes KaBuM’s line-up.

KaBuM will have a third South Korean for 2024. This is Ares, who will be the ninjas’ Head Coach. The technical committee will also have Von e Ti0Ben.

(Image: Disclosure/KaBuM)

Ceos had a “troubled” transfer window and LOUD reported Kabum for Poaching to Riot Games

It all started from an interview with one of the organization’s founders, Jean Ortega, who mocked the situation of LOUD’s transfer window with a “of2x”. After a long time, the community began to understand everything that was going on and connected phrases with Tata Wu, architect and producer of the projects for several gaming houses.

Everything was still a little confusing for the community, until the GE Esports website published an investigation showing that the LOUD made a formal complaint against KaBuMaccusing the organization of Poaching through architect Tata Wu.

The complaint was also investigated by Mais Esports. In the last monthly meeting of the CBLOL teams with Riot, discussions would have become heated over the issue.

Tata Wu with LOUD players in the CBLOL 2023 2nd Split final
Tata Wu, accused of grooming, with the Brazilian trio from LOUD in the final of the CBLOL 2023 2nd Split.

PaiN was also interested in Ceos

Obviously the best player in Brazil generated interest in several teams, and one of them was paiN, who wanted the player to partner with titaN, the new ADC of the traditional teams.

However, KaBuM arrived with a very solid financial proposal for Ceos, intending to make him the highest paid player in CBLOL 2024 1st splitor at least one of.

Ceos won their first title at KaBuM

Ceos joined KaBuM in mid-2019 and stayed there until 2020. With the ninjas, the player finished in third place in the 2nd split of 2019, won CBLOL in the 1st split of 2020 and finished in fourth place in the 2nd split of 2020.

DudstheBoy e Ceos
Ceos and Duds, KaBuM’s bot lane duo in 209 (Photo: LoL Esports)

At the end of that season, the player was one of LOUD’s signings, which was entering the CBLOL through the franchise system.

Despite having renowned players, the LOUD team took a while to come together and Ceos was the only player to continue from the organization’s primary line-up. In the second split of 2022, the player won his first title with the Esmeraldinos, who beat paiN 3-0.

In 2023, LOUD made history and won both splits of the year also over paiN, becoming the first team to be three times champions followed by CBLOL. Ceos emerged as not only the best support player in Brazil’s history, but also as the best player of the year.

Ceos raising the CBLOL 2023 w° split trophy (Photo: LoL Esports)

KaBuM team at CBLOL 2024 1st split

  • TOP: Lonely
  • JUNGLE: Malrang
  • MID: Hauz
  • ADC: Neptune
  • SUP: Ceos


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