O CBLOL 2024 starts soon and the More Esports will feature a series of interviews with players from each team. Today we have a conversation with Grevthar – Mid laner there Red Canids 2024.

Stay Closer

To bring the community even closer together, I would like to tell you a little more about the tone of the interview. Grevthar is the definition of a review, perhaps the best way to tell what the interview was like is: he is what he appears to be.

All calm responses, and with a smile on their faces, the way the RED fans were for a few good splits when they had Grev.

Grevthar and I laughing at the possibility of a certain choice appearing – Photo/More Esports

The Grevthar of 2023

The year 2023 was very important for me. Just because I didn’t win doesn’t mean it was a year that didn’t change at all, my life changed a lot. I got out of my zone here at RED and had to improve my individual game a lot.

Also according to Grev, he recognizes that the partnership with Aegis (Jungler) camouflaged many gaps in his game. In the words of the 2023 player, it was very important to create this shell, come back as a better player and be a better player.

Of course I wanted to be champion, everyone who was there knows that I gave my best and I didn’t stop doing that every day. Unfortunately I wasn’t champion, but I certainly became a better player.

Even though you were on VKS, some RED fans said you looked like RED. Did that affect you in any way?

Ah, I always had total respect for the organization I had been through, for the organization that made me the player I am, but it’s a professional environment. There I was VKS I was giving blood there, that’s why it was so heavy for me to lose. I kind of arrived at CBLOL already winning twice, so I think the standard was very high, the bar was very high and it was a reality check for me, kind of going back to square one, working my hardest every day to see the result and the result doesn’t come, you know? That’s what made me most frustrated at that moment, because I felt like we could have gone further, maybe become champion, go to Recife, which was one of my dreams, but it ended up not happening. So I was quite destroyed, you know?

And what was it like returning home? For RED?

Man, I think you defined it very well, because more than an organization, more than a LoL team, here I feel like it’s my home, you know? Here I feel like it’s my home. I feel like I’m a player who plays better when I’m comfortable around people that I like, that I think highly of. That’s what RED is, it’s the place where I grew up, it’s the place where I have respect and that gave me my career, you know? So I feel at home, at home and I feel like I can be champion again here.

Imagem do Grevthar na RED Canids
(Image: Disclosure/RED)

Impacts of the new season

I also asked the RED Canids 2024 mid-laner about the impacts within the game, after all, the jungle and mid had some changes to their structure.

Ah, the mid changes a lot because it became one lane longer, right? It’s harder for you to gank, I personally found it easy to play mid without being ganked, now it’s even better in this regard. Still, I feel that mid-jungle has a lot of impact, I feel that – along with the bot – it is the strongest synergy in the game, so it ends up that adaptation becomes easier at the beginning, because Aegis and I have a very strong synergy, so it’s easy to play.

Something behind the scenes that I heard, and it has also appeared in some major regions, is that mid-laners who can perform good roams tend to win. And Grevthar has always been known for this style, so, Do you think your style will benefit in this meta?

Man, I feel like this style will benefit, but I don’t think it’s just stopping roaming and it’s going to work, you know? Because, as I said, the game is much more isolated in the lane, that is, if you don’t have a solid lane you won’t be able to help the team. A long time ago, Alocs (Liberty) told me, you can’t help others without first helping yourself. So there’s no point in thinking about rotating if you don’t remain solid, and then you hurt your team more than you help, and that’s my philosophy.

Grevthar also commented on the opening of champions that the meta can offer for RED Canids’ mid-lane in 2024.

I think it’s one of the most fun metas of all, I think you can play tank, mage, assassin and so on: the range is big. In the mixes you could see a lot of this, so it opens up the possibility of playing with different dolls, which I really like.

Grev even played with the imagination of old school fans

I’m bargaining with Kalec to play Kled, but he won’t let me

The mid-laner said amidst laughter, but assumed it was a joke, and that Kalec was good enough to let him pick up crazy picks.

Grevthar caught the world’s attention during the 2021 World Cup, when he caught Kled – inspired by Doinb.

The first fight of the year

RED Canids and Vivo Keyd Stars, ironically or not, the two teams in which Grevthar played in his CBLOL career, were the protagonists of the first fight between CBLOL organizations on social media in 2024.

It all started when Coach SeeEl posted his own training information, claiming that Guigo had made a gap and the RED team didn’t let it go cheaply. Remember:

“Farm advantage>>>>>beat the game oO”

“At least you got the likes”

“And he still lost the game”

I asked Grevthar what it was like for him and for RED’s background, the feeling of this provocation.

Ah, I think that’s bullshit, but it was just, man: defending one of our own. We didn’t see it as something cool, but it’s over. But we made it clear that team allies are our family, we will be together throughout the year and no one can mess with us

RED Canids 2024

The wolf returned to the Pack, which has new wolves. What can we expect from this pack called RED Canids in 2024?

Man, I feel like this RED has the air and the touch to be champion. Everyone fits in, everyone knows what to do and thinks about the game in a similar way. FNB was the best example of this, I thought I would have this difficulty fitting in with him, but he ended up being very easy, playing with him I can see how absurd he is, how absurd Brance is, Jojo needs no comments and Frosty too. I feel that the 6 players in this line are great mechanically and I’m happy because, at any moment, I can trust them to step-up the stage and load the game, you know? So I feel like this line is very absurd.

Grevthar kisses the CBLOL trophy
Reproduction: Riot Games/Bruno Alvares

I also made a point of understanding whether Grevthar fueled any rivalry, and the player, in a single response, barbed two hunts.

Man, there are a lot of mid-laners that I like to play against, but one in specific is Tin. He’s kind of on the mid throne right now, so I’m dying to beat him and show that it wasn’t Dynquedo who was going to challenge him, it was me, so I’m going to take that away from him.

RED Canids debuts at CBLOL 2024

A RED Canids debut in the tournament against PaiN Gaming in the fourth game of the day. Follow complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 1° split with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports.

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