Did you know that in Stattrak’s CBLOL 2024 Fantasy Game you can create your own leagues to play with friends? In this text we will teach you how easy it is create your own leagues or even enter some created by other people.

Create a league with Stattrak Premium!

To create a league on Stattrak, you must be a Stattrak subscriber. Stattrak Premium! The subscription service is costing less than R$ 10 per month and gives access to several advantages, including participation in the official Stattrak league for CBLOL 2024, which is giving away R$5,000 in prizes!

(Image: Reproduction/Stattrak)

Take advantage of the coupon MAIS70, fall 70% discount in any subscription to Stattrak Premium! Stay tuned, the discount only lasts until January 20th, the date that CBLOL 2024 1st split begins.

How to create a league on Stattrak?

Step 1: Once inside the platform and logged into your account, access the Stattrak Fantasy page.

Step 2: Click in “Create League”, button located in the inner right corner.

Image of how to create a CBLOL 2024 league on Stattrak
(Image: Reproduction/Stattrak)

Step 3: Fill in the Name, Description, League Type (Fantasy), Game and Championship fields. Don’t forget to check if you want to leave the league Private, otherwise other people may find you joining.

Image of how to create a league in the CBLOL 2024 Fantasy Game on Stattrak
(Image: Reproduction/Stattrak)

What is the advantage of creating a league on Stattrak?

The advantage of creating your own league on Stattrak is that you can compete with friends without having other people playing too. In parallel to your own league, you can participate in others in the same championship, and in each of them make a different lineup.

Don’t be fooled and sign the Stattrak Premium to guarantee the various advantages. Remember that the 70% discount goes only to the beginning of the CBLOL 2024.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in January 15, 2024

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cblol-2024-como-criar-sua-liga-no-fantasy-game-da-stattrak

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