A FURY announced its line-up for the first split do CBLOL 2024. The ad has several references to South Korea e Brazil, making a reference to the team’s new players for this year.

The team’s news appears on Top and Jungle: the foreigners Destroy e Mir will perform the duties, respectively. The rest of the team will be maintained: Tuts no Mid, Ayu as ADC e Zay as Support.

History of new FURIA players

FURIA 2024’s imports have had distinct careers in terms of trajectory. Check now the history of FURIA’s imported players at CBLOL 2024.

O Top Destroy He had not stood out in major regions, his longest – and most recent – ​​spell was with the Istanbul Wildcats, in Turkey.

Mir, on the other hand, is a player with considerable experience in the major region: the Jungler has already played for Hanwha Life, in the LCK, for a split and a split for the Academy of the same team. The player’s most recent stint was at Team Liquid’s Academy.

(Image: Disclosure/FURIA)

Interesting relationship

Miror formerly known as Arhur in the LCK, he is cousin to Breeding, current LCK champion mid-laner. Jungler’s debut in the LCK was with his relative, who at the time debuted in the LCK.

In the photo, Arthur - or Mir nowadays - with his cousin: Chovy at HLE
Reproduction/Social Media

FURIA listened to the community during casting

During the FURIA 2024 cast assembly, the staff listened to the community’s appeal. In determining the More EsportsFURIA even looked for another name in the jungle: On Fleek.

However, the choice angered the community. The player had been punished by Riot Korea and Sandbox for xenophobic behavior. FURIA gives up on the player after the bad repercussion.

When does CBLOL start?

CBLOL 2024 1st split starts on January 20th with the LOUD vs KaBuM clash. On the same day, FURIA faces Fluxo, a team that has several former FURIA.

Follow the complete coverage of CBLOL 2024 1st split with game calendar, results, table, teams and other information here on More Esports!

In the photo the FURIA announcement for 2024
Reproduction/Social Media

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