At the end of the fourth round of the CBLOL 2024, some coaches and players showed some standards of execution of their compositions. To play aggressive or absorbing pressure? We saw both attitudes at CBLOL 2024 and some technicians told us their strategies on how to use each principle to control the mid-game.

Let’s check out some cases and the responses from CBLOL 2024 technicians.

The “counter-aggressiveness” that generates an advantage

KaBuM x Flow

Saturday’s match is a good example to start with. A composition with Corki and Varus seeks to scale much more, this was the mission of the ninjas, the obstacle would be Fluxo’s very good mid-game choices with Nautilus, Jhin and Rumble.

At the press conference I asked the AresKaBuM coach, how they performed the mid-game so well:

In fact, it was a difficult composition to play in the early game, but we have been training a lot on how to handle this early game and developing the game to make it easier. And this mission of withstanding the pressure and progressing the game is a big part of support and the jungle.

And in fact we can see this “counter-aggressiveness” from Ceos and Malrang in some moments of the game, check it out:

Malrang responde dive no mid

Ceos for Fuuu and KaBuM’s aggressiveness makes Dragon

Ceos is aggressive and goes after Fuuu and creates an advantage for Hauz

Once again: Ceos and Malrang mid to respond to movement in Vastilarva and punish Scamber’s error

And in the first teamfight of the game, KaBuM takes 3 kills and Dragão

And if you pay attention in this fight, only Hauz has a closed item, thanks to the great assistance from Malrang and Ceos.

The “aggressiveness” that creates an advantage

Liberty x paiN Gaming

Liberty beat paiN Gaming largely due to “aggressiveness” and very well executed micro decisions, especially at the Top. After Makes’ insane game, Liberty was able to snatch a 2-0 lead from paiN and control the match.

Makes finds a gap in the lane and already creates a gold advantage

Makes congela a wave do Wizer and Drakehero pune

And because of the good wave control, Makes sola Wizer once again

After 15 minutes of play, thanks to all this micro and good manipulation of the lane phase, Makes created 1,901 gold advantage and was 2 level’s in front of Wizer. And at the end of the game, Makes was like this:

The person who best explained the concept of this micro/draft pressure was BeellzY, Liberty coach, in the post-game press conference. Check out:

It’s using the draft to bring you a gold reward and make your map stable in some way. So the pressure is transferred to some type of information, which transfers you gold and in the next fight you will be able to fight better. And if you have a thousand gold, the enemy team may stop focusing on a place and fight without spending the resources they had.

In the full answer, the coach mentions how aggressiveness alone is very simple to define, if you care:

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