O CBLOL 2024 1° split is about to start and the paiN Gaming arrives as one of the favorites for the tournament. O More Esports had the opportunity to speak with dyNquedo, mid laner of the organization, about this new stage of the team.

dyNquedo talked about the titaN entryover the its year 2023, expectations not goal with the changes to LoL, Kuri’s adaptation to the team and more!

dyNquedo talks about rumors that he could leave paiN Gaming

At the beginning we had a lot of conversations, and there was a lot of speculation during the window. We have always been very sincere with each other, me with the org and the org with me. We knew there needed to be a change in characteristics in the team and we were open to understanding, so we left it open. They were looking for options that they thought might make sense for them, they also left that open on my side, but we love each other very much, in the end no one fixed anything (laughs). We felt that perhaps it could be, but, at the same time, we wanted to maintain this bond, and in the end the desire to maintain it and have another opportunity spoke louder, and I am happy to be here once again representing paiN.

How does dyNquedo evaluate the year 2023?

I think 2023 was a year of a lot of evolution on my part. Obviously we always want more, to evolve more, but I remember having a very constant first split, with a lot of protagonism outside the game, always managing to lift the team and hold back the criticism. It was a good year, but obviously we know that the finals didn’t go as expected, and the first split was ugly due to the result, but overall it was good for me as a person, I evolved a lot. As a player, it wasn’t my best year, but it was a high-level year at least.

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How will Mid play with League changes?

It’s still a little early for us to know how the game will be played, but in Mid there was a clear change, which is the lane being bigger. It’s similar to the top, you have a greater chance of dying, in 1v1 you may have more difficulty against a life Irelia, champions with more space in the lane to play. The mid-Jungle will be very impactful now, because the rotations are very fast, you can reach the bot or top from behind very quickly, this can have a huge impact on games, especially competitive ones.

Mid and Jungle Synergy

Dynquedo: Cariok and I will have to be closer, although I think the Bot is very strong and perhaps the meta will come with very impactful bot lanes, a lot of fight. We’re speculating that there will be a lot of Lucian, maybe Caitlyn, Kalista, Varus, champions who want to fight all the time. The bot is still very important and everyone has to be smart about it, but consequently if you have an advantage in the mid and jungle, it can impact the bot, so this synergy is very important.

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Will it change a lot in Mid?

Lethality items look good, but in competitive we always have difficulty fitting champions that use these items. At first, I believe that the Mid meta won’t change that much, because the AP items are also very strong, so I feel that this meta will remain the same, but perhaps in the next patches there will be some changes that will change a lot.

Orianna, Azir, Neeko, I think these champions will remain because they are strong, it’s not a question of the item or anything. But, with the changes, there is more space for other things, maybe an Akali or even a Sylas, which are champions that I really like.

dyNquedo talks about the nostalgia of playing titaN again

Lots of nostalgia! I keep talking to him about the guys who played with us, Riyev, Zantins, Ranger, and he (titaN) is very much like he used to be. His way of speaking, expressing himself is still very similar, he’s still a bit crazy, as he always was, and that’s a point we really wanted him to bring.

We’re still settling in, but he’s already shown that he’s very hyped, with his way of going forward, and we’re also trying to get him into our style of play a little to have that balance. Like it or not, we were a very strong team, so we have to fit in well, because overall, the change in line-up was very positive.

TitaN helps lead the paiN team

titaN adds in this leadership aspect. In the areas where I don’t consider myself a leader, like calling, demanding others, talking a lot in the game, he really likes to participate and will add a lot, so I’ll be more likely to play the way I do and behave the way I do. I feel better, and this already adds to our team. He will add to this leadership aspect, and he talks a lot, especially when he is in control of the situation, he likes to talk a lot, and this will be very positive for us.

Sharing the leadership will also help Cariok

At the beginning of his career, Cariok was always known for being a more mechanical player, more fluid in the game, finding good windows, attacking, but perhaps over the three years, we were a bit stuck, and that affected him a lot. Maybe he had a lot of responsibility in communication, and he put pressure on himself, so that got in the way a little. Now, with the style we are coming in, it will help him a lot, he will feel looser.

How is Kuri’s adaptation going?

I didn’t know anything about Kuri before he came here, but he gets along really well with titaN and is much looser than I imagined. He jokes with us, slaps us, and normally Koreans aren’t like that. Generally Koreans aren’t like that, they’re more into themselves, and then when they get to know us more, they start to joke, but in the first week he was already joking, swearing, so he’s much looser than I expected, and I hope that keep working like this. He has a good relationship with titaN, so I think the bad experiences they had in the past are not so much between them, but more about the situation at the time.

What can we expect from the dyNquedo of 2024?

I want to take a lot of things from 2023, as it was a good year overall, but I want to evolve some things that I feel affected me, like I said, we were a bit stuck, so I want to be freer, I’ve always been a guy who likes to do things plays and I want to bring this feature back, it’s something I’m focusing on a lot. I think if we fit together well, we will be a very strong team.

Who does dyNquedo want to face in the mid lane?

Dynquedo: There are a lot of new people this year, but I think it will be in the top 4 as there are a lot of good guys. Grevthar, I feel like he’s doing very well now at RED, Hauz is also now having a new opportunity to show that he’s a good player, and he’s good, individually speaking. He also has a partner there whose nickname I don’t know (Toucouille), and he is also a good player. I know him from when we went to bootcamp, and he’s also a little known in LoL, so I know he’s a good player. I’m curious to play against these three.

“Revelation” player bet in 2024

I’m betting a lot on FURIA, I think they (players) will surprise us. In the last split they already showed that they were a team with potential, but they ended up falling later. Mir, from what we saw of him, is a very communicative player, a leader, and I feel like that’s what FURIA was missing, so I think he’s going to be one of them. I can say that it’s Tutsz, he’s a good player and has a lot to show, but anyone from FURIA can surprise.

PaiN debuts at CBLOL 2024 1st split

A paiN will premiere on CBLOL 2024 1° split against RED Canids, ex-times of titaN. The confrontation will be last on Saturday (20).

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