The year 2024 is arriving with a suitcase full of surprises for gamers on duty, andespecially for those who love a good game without having to open their wallet. A Steam is getting ready to receive a selection of free games that bring a lot of creativity and fun.

Imagine immersing yourself in worlds where you can be anything from a born strategist, commanding armies in devastated lands, to an adventurer exploring magical kingdoms or surviving in post-apocalyptic landscapes. Each game on this list is an invitation to new adventures, challenges and, of course, many hours glued to the screen. Check it out below 7 highly anticipated free games coming to Steam in 2024!


Stormgatefrom Frost Giant Studios, is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that positions itself as a spiritual successor to the acclaimed franchises StarCraft e Warcraft. Set on a post-apocalyptic Earth, it features several factions in constant conflict, starting with humans and infernals.

The game stands out for incorporating classic strategy elements, such as the presence of “heroes” in the form of commanders, although without gaining EXP or items as in Warcraft 3. With a customization system, it uses three main resources – two gathering and one “food” – and a population limit of 200 units.

The First Descendant

The First Descendant, developed by Nexon, is a third-person cooperative shooter experience with RPG elements. Set in a science fiction world, the title takes players to a scenario in which, 100 years ago, a civilization known as Vulgus crossed space-time to our dimension, using humans as subjects of experimentation.

With the arrival of the Colossi, the planet was destroyed, and the survivors gathered in Albion. In this context, the Maestros, a group of Vulgus with advanced tactical skills, joined humanity, allowing significant advances and the creation of the Descendants.

In the role of a being from this new race, players have physical strength and magical capabilities to face enemies. Each has a unique play style, such as Lepic, specializing in area damage, and Ajax, capable of absorbing damage with his barriers.

Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 is the continuation of the acclaimed action RPG, offering a renewed and in-depth experience in the same dark universe. It maintains the essence of the original, with a vast open world and a complex skill tree, but introduces significant improvements and new elements. One of the main new features is a new seven-act campaign, which takes place 20 years after the events of the first game, providing a rich and engaging narrative.

Furthermore, the title features an improved combat system, with more fluid animations and a more dynamic experience. The game also features an expanded class system, offering new options and greater customization for characters. The skill gem mechanic has been reworked, allowing for a greater variety of builds and strategies.

ARC Raiders

ARC Raiders, developed by Embark Studios, is a PvPvE survival and extraction shooter set in a lethal but visually stunning future Earth. It puts participants in the shoes of Raiders, humans who face not only deadly ARC machines but also others in search of scarce resources. The narrative unfolds in the underground colony of Speranza, where the Raiders search for vital supplies scattered across the landscape, from remnants of previous encounters with the ARC to unlikely relics from a distant past.

Mini Royale

Mini Royale is an FPS that brings an innovative and imaginative approach to the battle royale genre. Set in a child’s bedroom, it allows up to 50 toy soldiers to fight for victory in a setting filled with everyday objects seen from an unusual perspective. Participants have a variety of weapons and equipment at their disposal, each with its own characteristics and tactical advantages.

Furthermore, the title introduces interactive elements into the environment, such as the possibility of using a toy train to move quickly around the room or causing distractions with a remote-controlled car. The game encourages strategy and creativity, allowing participants to explore and interact with the scenario in unique ways.

Perfect New World

Perfect New World is an MMORPG set in an oriental fantasy world, in which we take on the role of Soul Tamers, in search of the reincarnated Prime, while exploring a vast continent with friends. It offers three distinct races – Elvens, Mythics and Humans – each with their own talent system and facial customization options. We can form teams to clear dungeons, face challenging enemies and obtain precious materials to strengthen our characters.

Furthermore, we can engage in exciting combats against other users, developing our own fighting style with unrestricted skill release and a variety of combos.


Ashfall is a post-apocalyptic shooter MMORPG developed by Legendary Star Studio, set in a devastated world transformed into a vast desert. In it, we are transported to a reality in which survival and exploration are fundamental. The setting is a new and desolate place where challenges and dangers lurk around every corner. Gameplay is centered on action and strategy, with a focus on intense combat and discovering secrets hidden in the ruins of the world.

The title offers an immersive experience, in which you can find your own combat style and face both friends and enemies. Exploration plays a crucial role as we are encouraged to discover the secret realms and unravel the mysteries of the world of Ashfall.


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