In the second round of CBLOL 2024, a FURY leaves 0 after vencer a Liberty and entitled to Quadrakill do ADC Ayu.

The ADC does not died even onceit achieved 11 slaughters and six assistance, even so, the MVP it was the Zay and its famous Pyke with new ones slaughters, one death and new ones assists.

Quadrakill Furioso

Ayu made the first Quadrakill of his CBLOL career, and right on FURIA’s first victory in the championship in 2024. Check out the video of the move:

FURIA’s next clashes

FURIA came out 1×1 in the first two rounds, Ayu and FURIA’s next commitment takes place next Saturday (27/01) against paiN Gaming and on Sunday (28/01) the Furiosos face LOUD.

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Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 21, 2024edited a day ago


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