Ayaneo announced last Wednesday (10) the launch of the Next Lite portable PC, which marks a turning point in its history. While traditionally the company has always worked with Windows as its operating system, your new device is based on SteamOSwhich until then was only used by Valve’s Steam Deck.

According to a statement released by the company, the new model will have a 7-inch screen with 800p resolution and a 47Wh battery. It has not yet revealed important details, such as the CPU and GPU that will be used, nor the official price that will be officially charged.

On the other hand, Ayaneo confirmed that Next Lite will “lower the barrier to entry while helping to popularize cutting-edge features”. Therefore, the chances are high that the device will use some older hardware as a basesuch as the AMD 7 582U chips or the 7040U or 6800U lines.

Ayaneo Next Lite promises to be a budget-friendly option

Ayaneo promises that it will soon release more details about the portable PC, which appears to reuse many of the parts from its previous models. Displayed in White, Black and Turquoise, the device must maintain issues such as analog directional pads with hall sensors and various types of connectors.

The manufacturer promises to reveal more information about the product from 11:30 am this Thursday (11), when official registrations for the Next Lite will begin. One of the most important questions the product will have to answer is how it will benefit from the implementation of SteamOS.

The Ayaneo Next Lite promises to be a good entry-level portable PCSource: Disclosure/Ayaneo

While Valve has publicly stated that it wants to popularize the operating system, so far its latest version only appeared optimized for the Steam Deck. As such, it’s still unclear whether it will be as good a solution for manufacturers who may not have such deep access to their internal details and development teams.

However, there is a guarantee that it will have a positive impact on the price of Ayaneo’s new laptop, given its free nature. Also in the world of portable PCs, MSI took advantage of CES 2024 to announce the Claw, a device with powerful features that promises to compete at the top of the market — click here to find out more details.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/275798-console-portatil-ayaneo-next-lite-anunciado-steamos-fabrica.htm

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