In recent days the jungler Ranger once again became popular among the Brazilian League of Legends community, but this time it was not because of any provocation or controversial tweet, but rather because of the latest rumor that he received offers from two Major teams and may leave Brazil.

The rumor was given by the Ilha das Lendas page, which stated that Ranger’s future is still uncertain.

Ranger is scouted by two teams from Major regions to play the jungler position. If the negotiation takes place, Ranger would be the first Brazilian player to start on a team in the major region.

Ranger comments on the possibility of leaving Brazil

In a stream, the player confirmed that he received proposals from abroad and that he is currently evaluating the possibilities, as his objective is to represent Brazil well abroad, and the easiest way to do this would be to play for an international team.

I’ve been playing for a long time, I started in 2015, and as a player your ambition always grows. What I currently think about is doing something different, because I have two ambitions: to be the greatest jungler in the history of Brazil and to represent the country well abroad. In my view, there are two ways to represent Brazil abroad, one is to set up a Dream Team and do well abroad, and the other is to take one or two Brazilian players to a foreign team, and whether or not you will bring Brazilian fans there. this team, and do well abroad, which in my view is easier, whether through a more accessible bootcamp, having more contact with other people, more contacts to train with, better structure

The player concluded by saying that he still can’t say much about it, but that he is looking for the best way to represent Brazil well abroad.

Dream Team de Ranger

Ranger also responded to one of his viewers that he never got to play with the real “Dream Team” that he wanted, that he always had one or another player who was “stuck” to the line-up for other reasons.

He commented that it is possible to assemble this team with imports, but that he prefers a 100% Brazilian team, as it improves communication.

My Dream Team today would definitely be Robo and CEos, they are the best top and support, mid laner would be Dynquedo and ADC we are doing well in Brazil, it could be TitaN, Brance, Neptune, but probably more Brance and TitaN, because are more aggressive.

Player wants to “get out of his comfort zone”

He emphasizes that it is necessary to leave the comfort zone to evolve and highlights that the interest of outside organizations in Brazilian players has been going on since 2015, and that it has even happened with him in 2019 and 2020.

Staying in Brazil is comfortable, right bro, I know Brazil, I know São Paulo, the routine. Sometimes for us to grow, we have to leave our comfort zone, take a little risk, playing it safe doesn’t take you very far.

Watch ranger talking about the proposals received:

Ranger contract with THE Big Ones

It is worth noting that Ranger’s contract with LOS Grandes ends on November 20, 2023. Although the team is interested in the player, other teams are also keeping an eye, including KaBuM, the team in which he was CBLOL champion twice.

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