One of the main reasons for the The big ones have been bad at CBLOL 2023 2nd Split it was the assembly of the cast. During the stage, Trick, a South Korean, asked to leave the team and was replaced by Enel, while Boal was also replaced by Hidan in the middle of the competition.

No MD3, Lump commented on how the hiring went and also his evaluation of the stage. Furthermore, The catanother Los executive commented on who he would like to keep on the roster for next year.

Already Rangeron the same show, but on another occasion, commented on the problems with Trick and explained everything that happened behind the scenes of the organization.

Mistakes on bootcamp

There were several errors in sequence. When we were doing bootcamp in Spain, we weren’t even taking the training so rigidly, we were training a little more relaxed. Let’s play soloQ, let’s play more individual, play Champions Queue. We didn’t get as much scrim because the meta was going to change completely. It was full Lucian and Nami and Lulu, who were mages and it was going to completely turn to engage support and everyone knew it. The waves were also going to change, it was going to be a new LoL.

The trainings we had there, because of that, we had almost no review. We used to train and that’s it, let’s go to the other and in that regard we didn’t fully inform Trick in how we face the game concepts. He had his idea, we had ours and that was the worst mistake of all, it was the trigger for the problem.

In Portuguese, I was talking to Boal and Neptune, and I said bro, I don’t like the way this guy does things, he’s completely outdated in terms of playing LoL and, normally, he’s been out of action for a long time. His concepts are very old, I don’t like how he does things.

The trigger of the fight with Trick

At that, a staff guy arrived and translated for him. I didn’t want to bring it up at that moment, because it was a meeting the guy moment and the translation was: the guy thinks you’re old and bad, it must have been something like that. At that, he was kind of shoved with me, said that it was to say things to his face, that it was a team and we were weird. That in Spain, before starting training.

I dealt with the more good stuff, as a team we weren’t reviewing and there was no reason to talk about these things. I’m a vocal guy, I like to say things in game and he said he didn’t like that because he won doing it alone. And I said ok, I’ll do that and focused on my lane.

Ranger says he asked to trade Trick in the beginning

During the conversation, Ranger also commented that when they set foot in Brazil and the first training sessions took place, he warned Los Grandes executives that the situation with the South Korean was a time bomb.

When we set foot in Brazil, we played the first training sessions, I turned around and said bro, you can put enel in an English course today because we will need him. There was no way to play with that guy, enel was going to come in at some point.

There was never an me or him. I blindly trusted Stardust, I focused a lot on being a good support. I said it was bad and I suggested changing it before the CBLOL starts, but when the car starts to move, we’ll have to go anyway.

Trick’s Departure

He had already asked to leave, but the people said, no, let’s work, please stay, we need you. Until he really couldn’t take it, I don’t feel good, I’m leaving. Hugs, I’m leaving.


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