The transfer window CBLOL 2024 1st Split It hasn’t even opened yet, but behind the scenes are already buzzing with teams scouting out some names that interest them for next season.

O More Esports found out that Rangercurrently supported by LOSis one of the options for the jungle Kaboomwhich aims to have a competitive team in 2024. In addition to him, Scaryfrom the Academy, is also a name that pleases to once again assume the starting position in the CBLOL.

In the event of a transfer, this would be Ranger’s second stint with the Ninjas. Wearing the orange shirt, the player became two-time champion of the tournament and put his name on the shelf of the best players in the region.

In other positions, Neptune e DyNquedo are Kabum’s targets for the next season of the competition. LonelySouth Korean, is expected to be maintained until 2024.

Ranger on LOS

Ranger arrived at the organization while still in the process of entering the sport. Still like Flamengo The Greatsdidn’t even make it to the playoffs, but it was the main basis of the project for the 1st Split of 2023.

At this stage, he achieved third place with HiRit, Neptune, zay e Lavain addition to Stardust as Head Coach. In the second stage, he switched to support and the team experienced moments of turbulence, which culminated in a fall in the regular phase.

Ranger’s contract with the organization ends in November and the player will be able to leave CBLOL teams free of any fines.

What does Kabum say?

When contacted by the report, Kabum says that for strategic reasons it does not comment on market speculation before the end of the CBLOL transfer window period.

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Luis Santana
published in September 22, 2023edited 2 days ago


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