A paiN gaming everything is in the transfer window CBLOL 2024. After having closed with TitaN for the next stage, the traditional ones are looking for another change for the next season, this time in support position.

O More Esports found that the paiN Gaming have conversations with OnSouth Korean support who has been without a team since leaving RED Canids.

The organization’s idea is to remake the duo with TitaNwhich was very successful during the short period in which the support played for RED Canids.

There were TitaN and RED Canids

At the start of the CBLOL 2022 1st Split, RED Canids was almost invincible and had the duo of TitaN and Kuri as its strongest point. The two went several games without dying and topped the tournament’s KDA stats.

Kuri, the support, did not complete the stage with the Pack. He was replaced by scamber after the team entered a bad phase in the competition. It was later revealed by RED’s owner that Kuri asked to leave the team.

Communication problems were cited by Kuri himself, and Aegis even said that support didn’t think Avenger was “that good”. At the time Avenger was the middle of the pack.

Reproduction/Riot Games

Previously, Kuri played for Flamengo Los Grandes. After finishing in penultimate place in the CBLOL 2022 1st Split, he was replaced by Wos in the second stage, while the organization was also going through a bad moment in the last places of the championship.

CBLOL transfer window spreadsheet

This and other information was released exclusively during a live assembly of the spreadsheet with the CBLOL 2024 1st Split casts. See all the movement articles below!

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published in November 10, 2023edited 14 hours ago

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