One of the main reasons for the The big ones have been bad at CBLOL 2023 2nd Split it was the assembly of the cast. With Trick, South Korean, leaving at the beginning of the stage and replacing Boal with Hidan.

At MD3, Terron, an executive at Los Grandes, spoke a little more about the player hiring process and also how the bootcamp provided by Riot Games complicated things for the organization in this 2nd stage.

The hiring of Trick for the CBLOL 2023 2nd Split

The project was to invest a Korean jungle. So we talk, can you hire one in three days? If you can, we’ll work with you. That was the whole point, it was a period of three, four days. That was the issue, the deadline for deciding.

Of the options, which also had Shrimp, Trick was the one who responded first. He said it sounded like a good challenge and that he was up for it. The next day he was training and literally after that, three days later, he was going to Madrid. He didn’t even have time to regret it, that no, that wasn’t quite right.

For me, if you ask me what the biggest mistake was, it’s accepting bootcamp.

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published in September 1, 2023


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