A new board game designed to make wildlife conservation and environmental issues more relatable has hit the crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, courtesy of Bad Comet Games.

Called Wild: Serengeti, the title transports players to the plains of the Serengeti, where they take on the role of wildlife documentary directors en route to film a one-of-a-kind documentary. It’s the latest project to spring from the mind of game designer, Gunho Kim, the brains behind the popular Shaolia.

The one to four player game acts to combine puzzle solving with elements of set collection and engine building to create a strategic game play experience billed as unique, while its ‘mesmerising artwork, 3D components and detailed animeeples’ is all geared towards making players more aware of the importance of conservation.

Kim, a big fan of wildlife documentaries, said that when designing Wild: Serengeti he “wanted to design a game related to the issue of wildlife conservation” and that he wished to “raise awareness about the beauty and marvel of these animals through board gaming.”

The game designer added that “maybe then players could find environmental issues that much more relatable.”

With an original crowdfunding goal of just over £14,500, the Wild: Serengeti Kickstarter campaign has so far secured more than £22,000 from some 700 backers. Published by Bad Comet Games, the project will run for another 30 days on the Kickstarter platform.

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