Recently, many players from Genshin Impact reported being affected by a hack somewhat unusual. The cheat is performed by an unofficial plug-in, allowing the character Caveh delete essential items for progress in cooperative mode, such as puzzles, chests and even NPCs with which the user needs to interact.

Affectionately known as “Kaveh do Pix“Here in Brazil, some cases even include exploration points being reversed due to manipulation, seriously compromising the experience and generating many concerns in the community.

Legal action in progress

In response to this situation, developer miHoYo announced that the issues have been largely contained. Affected users will be notified individually via messages.

Currently, the co-op mode works as expected, but the restoration of some items and accounts has not yet been completed, however, the developer has promised to resolve all issues in a future update.

In addition, the company committed to taking legal action against those who developed, used or shared the plug-ins that made manipulation possible in the game, violating the terms of service and all applicable laws. In a post, she stated, “To maintain fair play and protect Travelers’ rights, we have banned accounts that used these plug-ins and will take legal action against developers, users and disseminators of these plug-ins.”

It has also been confirmed that the creators and users of the hack are posting content in the community or on video sites, disguising themselves as victims to confuse the public and cause panic.

Those who were affected by Kaveh do Pix are encouraged to contact customer support and submit a report to help correct all misdemeanors that compromise the game. It should be noted that cheating constitutes a breach of the terms of service and, if it includes modifying the title’s proprietary assets and code, may also qualify as copyright infringement.

Additionally, hacking game servers or exploiting vulnerabilities may be classified as illegal under computer abuse and fraud laws in some jurisdictions.

User reactions and reports

Check out some reports and reactions from people who play Genshin Impact who were affected by the issue below:

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