This week, the Epic Games surprised fans by release for free the game Marvel’s Midnight Suns, an unmissable title for superhero and strategy lovers. Taking advantage of this momentum, we bring a selection of other free games for you to enjoy over the weekend, varying between different styles and platforms.

To keep your days lively, we’ve prepared a list that includes simulators, intense races and exciting adventures. It has options for all tastes, from supermarket management to frantic racing, guaranteeing fun and many hours of entertainment without spending anything. Check it out below!

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns (PC)

Em Marvel’s Midnight Suns, players find themselves in a world where Marvel heroes face supernatural threats led by Lilith, the Mother of Demons. The narrative stands out for uniting iconic characters, such as Wolverine, Captain America, and Doctor Strange, in a fight against evil forces. The combat system is turn-based, combining strategic skills with the use of cards that represent the heroes’ powers.

Furthermore, the game offers the possibility of exploring a central base called The Abbey, where you can interact with other heroes, deepen relationships and customize your skills.

Redeem now Marvel’s Midnight Suns na Epic Games Store!

TopSpin 2k25 (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

TopSpin 2K25 brings an immersive tennis experience, standing out with a variety of game modes and detailed customizations. The player can start at TopSpin Academy, guided by the voice of the legendary John McEnroe, where they learn everything from basic fundamentals to advanced techniques. There are modes like MyCAREER, in which you create a personalized tennis player and compete in tournaments, including the four Grand Slams.

In 2K Tour, you can challenge other players online with licensed pros. World Tour mode allows you to take your custom player to face opponents from around the world, earning points to climb the global rankings.

Play right now TopSpin 2K25 which is free to play until June 9th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

The Ascent (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

The Ascent is an action RPG set in a cyberpunk world called Veles. In this universe, we take on the role of a worker trapped in the arcology of the Ascent Group, a megacorporation that controls everything around it. The title mixes frenetic twin-stick shooter style combat with strategic RPG elements.

Exploring the densely populated areas reveals a variety of enemies, from local gangs to alien creatures, all ready to fight. You can play alone or in cooperative mode, both online and locally. Weapons range from energy rifles to rocket launchers, and you can customize your character with different cybernetic enhancements that affect combat and exploration.

Play right now The Ascent which is free to play until June 9th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Nightmare Kart (PC)

Em Nightmare Kart, players are transported to a dark, gothic world where they take on the role of beast hunters participating in a deadly tournament. This combat racing game is inspired by the universe of Bloodborne, but with a lighter and more fun touch. Racers compete in unique vehicles made of copper and steam, navigating blood-soaked streets and facing monsters that appear as obstacles on the tracks.

With 21 playable characters, 15 varied tracks and a campaign mode complete with boss battles, the game offers both a solo experience and local multiplayer modes.

Redeem it now Nightmare Kart na Steam!

Destiny 2 (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S e PC)

Em Destiny 2, we take on the role of Guardians, warriors with supernatural abilities who protect the Last City on Earth against various alien threats. The title combines first-person shooter elements with RPG mechanics, allowing players to customize their skills, weapons and equipment.

Recently, the expansion The Final Form was launched, bringing a new campaign that challenges players to explore the heart of the Traveler and face Witness, the main antagonist of the saga Light and darkness.

Redeem it now Destiny 2 no PC, Xbox ou PlayStation!

Formula Evolution 2024 (PC)

Formula Evolution 2024 is a multiplayer racing game that puts you in command of vehicles that evolve through different eras of motorsport. Starting with cars from the 1900s, you compete against 39 other players to earn experience and credits, which can be used to improve your vehicle or unlock new ones.

The game features 15 different tracks and 30 vehicles, each with its own handling and physics characteristics. Gameplay includes online PvP modes, where upgrade strategy and racing performance are crucial to reaching the top.

Redeem it now Formula Evolution 2024 na Steam!

Manage Supermarket Simulator (Android)

Em Manage Supermarket Simulator, we are challenged to manage all operational aspects of a growing supermarket. From stocking a variety of products, such as chips, meat and vegetables, to decorating and expanding the store, the game provides a detailed and realistic experience of managing a market.

It is necessary to negotiate with suppliers, adjust prices, promote products and manage the team to ensure customer satisfaction and the financial success of the business.

Redeem it now Manage Supermarket Simulator no Android!

So, which free games will you enjoy over the weekend? Tell us on social media Voxel!


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