This week, the Epic Games surprised players by offering the acclaimed game for free RPG Dragon Age Inquisition: Game of the Year Edition providing an epic immersion in the world of fantasy. Now, to ensure a weekend Packed with fun, we bring you a new selection of free games available on various platforms, including PC, consoles and mobile.

Each title offers a unique experience, from thrilling action adventures to challenging puzzles and immersive RPGs. Check it out below!

Source: Devolver Digital

Killing Floor 2 (PC, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Killing Floor 2 is a cooperative FPS that places participants in a horror and action scenario. They face hordes of grotesque creatures known as Zeds, which range from slow-moving zombies to incredibly fast and strong monsters. Combat is visceral, with a variety of weapons at your disposal, from pistols and rifles to swords and improvised weapons. The maps are detailed and atmospheric, each with its own theme and environmental traps that can be used to the combatants’ advantage.

Plus, the dismemberment system and realistic physics make every battle brutal and satisfying.

Play right now Killing Floor 2which is free to play until May 19th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Planet Coaster: Console Edition (Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S)

Planet Coaster: Console Edition is an amusement park construction and management simulator that offers a deep and detailed experience for enthusiasts. Players can create custom parks by designing intricate roller coasters, decorating each area with specific themes, and minutely adjusting the layout to maximize guest satisfaction.

In addition, there is a strong focus on management, where it is necessary to balance finances, hire employees and respond to the needs and desires of visitors.

Play right now Planet Coaster: Console Editionwhich is free to play until May 19th for Xbox Game Pass subscribers!

Wizard with a Gun (PC)

Wizard with a Gun is a cooperative survival title that mixes magic and shooting in an enchanted sandbox world. Participants take on the role of sorcerers armed with magic pistols, exploring a vast and dangerous environment filled with mystical creatures and unpredictable challenges. Each weapon can be customized with different types of enchanted ammunition, allowing for unique combinations of spells and bullets that range from fire blasts to ice projectiles.

Play right now Wizard with a Gunwhich is free to play over the weekend on Steam!

100% Orange Juice (PC)

100% Orange Juice is a digital board game that combines strategy and card elements into a captivating and visually enchanting multiplayer experience. Participants choose from a variety of cute characters, each with unique abilities and cards that influence how the game progresses. The goal is to complete specific tasks on the board, such as accumulating stars or defeating enemies, to achieve victories called “norms.”

Redeem now 100% Orange Juice that Steam!


ENDLESS Legend is a 4X strategy experience set in a fantasy world filled with unique factions and a deep history. Players choose between different civilizations, each with distinct abilities and histories, and seek to dominate the planet Auriga. Its mechanics involve exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination, with an emphasis on city administration, technology research and diplomacy.

The maps are procedurally generated, providing an ever-new experience, with diverse biomes and environmental challenges. The narrative is rich, with specific missions for each faction that reveal secrets of the world and evolve as you progress.

Redeem now ENDLESS Legend that Steam!


MACHINIKA MUSEUM is an intriguing puzzler that transports participants to an intergalactic museum where mysterious artifacts need to be restored and deciphered. Each piece in the museum is a mechanical enigma that defies logic and perception, with complex mechanisms and intricate details. You must manipulate devices, discover hidden secrets and solve ingenious puzzles to uncover the story behind each object.

Redeem now MACHINIKA MUSEUM that Steam!

Sword Master Story (Android, iOS)

Sword Master Story is an action RPG in which players take on the role of Caïn, a young swordsman who must save the world from Erendel. Gamae stands out for its fast and dynamic combat, where it is possible to control Caïn directly or form a team of heroes to face hordes of enemies and powerful bosses. Characters can be recruited and evolved, each with unique abilities and distinct fighting styles.

Redeem now Sword Master Story no Android ou iOS!


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