Whether to celebrate a partnership or any other marketing action, from time to time we see the launch of special consoles. Some of them are so coveted that, inevitably, end up becoming the rarest consoles in the world.

In the lines below, we will show some of these rarest consoles in the world, whether due to their circulation, exclusive conditions to obtain them or any other reason that can make them rare jewels in any collection. Check out!

10. PlayStation 3 de ouro 24K (US$ 5 mil/R$ 24,8 mil)

24K gold PS3Source: Wealthy Gorilla/Reproduction

Let’s start the list of the rarest consoles in the world with this one that can definitely be called a gem. In the end, we are talking about an edition that uses 24K gold in its composition — including control, which in itself indicates that it is very limited.

According to information on the internet, only five pieces of this console were produced, which is currently evaluated at around R$24.8 thousand reais.

9. Dreamcast Maziora (US$ 6 mil/R$ 29,8 mil)

Dreamcast MazioraDreamcast MazioraSource: Tribo Gamer/Reproduction

Launched only in Japan, the Dreamcast Maziora was made in partnership with an automotive paint manufacturer. Among the differences of this model is the fact that it change color depending on the angle at which the light hitsgiving a special effect to any shelf.

In addition to the video game itself, the Dreamcast Maziora package also included a keychain, an item known as a “dream passport”, and a sticker. In total, 500 units were produced, and of this amount, 300 still came with the signature of Tadahiko Taira, a racing driver sponsored by the paint brand.

8. Pokémon World Championships Nintendo DSI XL (US$ 7 mil/R$ 34,7 mil)

Pokémon World Championships Nintendo DSI XLPokémon World Championships Nintendo DSI XLSource: Marca.com/Reproduction

The Pokémon Company usually organizes an annual competition involving battles in various pocket creature games, always with good prizes. In the 2010 edition, for example, the winners were awarded the Pokémon World Championships Nintendo DSI XL.

With a price valued at R$34.7 thousand, it has a more yellowish design compared to any other version of the laptop. In addition, it also features the design of some highlighted Pokémon and the competition logo on the right side.

7. PS1 10 million (US$7.5 thousand/R$37.1 thousand)

PS1 10 million.PS1 10 million.Source: Facebook/Reproduction

This model was launched by Sony to celebrate the milestone of 10 million PS1 sold, and became rare due to its delivery method. Instead of being sold, Sony offered it as a prize in promotions.

It is estimated that Only 100 units of this console were produced. Currently, the only way to get your hands on one of these is if you’re lucky enough to find it in an auction on eBay.

6. Xbox One X Shadow of The Tomb Raider (US$ 8,3 mil/R$ 41,1 mil)

Xbox One X Shadow of The Tomb RaiderXbox One X Shadow of The Tomb RaiderSource: Forbes/Reproduction

If you want to talk about the rarest video game in the world, think about this edition. The reason? This Xbox One X Shadow of The Tomb Raider had only one unit producedwhich makes it a very rare item.

The console is the result of a partnership between Microsoft and Square Enix, and features several details in its composition. In fact, it was actually designed to be unique, as the intention was to auction it and raise funds for Best Friends, an NGO focused on animal welfare.

5. Xbox 360 Lara Croft Gem-Studded version ($11,000/R$54,500)

Xbox 360 version Lara Croft Gem-StuddedXbox 360 version Lara Croft Gem-StuddedSource: Gaming/Reproduction

And it gives you more Tomb Raider on the list of the rarest consoles in the world. In this case, this model of Xbox 360 has as a differentiator an image of Lara Croft completely molded with 11 thousand colored pebbles.

The image in question depicts the character seen in Tomb Raider: Legend, and was created completely manually.

4. Gold PS4 and Xbox One ($13,600/R$67,400)

Two more video games that received a gold version. Made by Gatti Luxury Lab, it uses 220g of 9K gold in its Xbox One version and 226g in the PlayStation 4 model. In fact, this already justifies their entry into the list of rarest consoles in the world.

3. Atari Cosmos (US$ 18,8 mil/R$ 93,1 mil)

Atari CosmosAtari CosmosSource: Weatlhy Gorilla/Reproduction

The Atari Cosmos ranks third on the list of the rarest consoles in the world, and for a special reason. Unlike the other versions, it was never officially released by Atari to the public.

It is estimated that only 250 units were manufactured, and the reasons for its cancellation are uncertain. One of the explanations for this would be the fact that executives do not believe in its 3D potential, but there is no official word on the matter.

2. Legend of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP gold ($20,000/R$99,100)

Legend of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP douradoLegend of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP douradoSource: Retro Geek/Reproduction

The silver medal for the rarest consoles goes to the gold Legend of Zelda Game Boy Advance SP. It was created to accompany the launch of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap in Europe, and was produced in limited editions.

With a completely gold finish, it didn’t take long for it to become a coveted piece among collectors. And, as in other cases, the only way to get your hands on one of these is through an auction.

1. Nintendo Wii Supreme ($433 thousand/R$2.1 million)

Nintendo Wii SupremeNintendo Wii SupremeSource: Stuart Hughes/Disclosure

Worth an amount that would allow you to buy a house, a new electric car and many other things, the Nintendo Wii Surpreme is the rarest video game in the world.

Created by artist Stuart Hughes, it features coated with 2.5 kilos of 22-carat gold, as well as finishing with 78 diamonds on the front buttons.

The artist who made the console himself mentioned that only three units of the video game were createdmaking it a literally special piece.

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