TecToy has caught the attention of gamers by recently announcing the Zeenix portable consoles. The two models are coming to the market to compete against devices like the Steam Deck, bringing interesting specifications, Windows 11 system and even new games at launch.

During Gamescom Latam, the Voxel had the opportunity to speak with Pedro Caxahead of marketing and games at TecToy. During the interview, the company representative revealed more important details about the Zeenix line of products, including information on manufacturing, pricing and availability in Brazil.

In addition, the company also clarified details about the partnership with Aynafter accusations that the Zeenix line would be just a White Label product of the Loki series, produced by the Chinese manufacturer.

After all, is Zeenix Ayn Loki’s White Label? TecToy explains

According to Pedro Caixa, TecToy worked closely with Aynwhich specializes in portable consoles, when the company was developing the Loki-branded devices. In addition to getting a “good price” for the manufacture of the Zeenix, the Brazilian brand also had the opportunity to assist in the development of the project.

According to the head of marketing, Zeenix is ​​not a White Label, and this happens not only because of TecToy’s relationship with Ayn, but because of the modifications made to the Brazilian product. The device has differences in the software and also in the hardware when compared to the products in the Loki line.

“Zeenix is ​​an exclusive product of ours, they [Ayn] They don’t do it for anyone else. We gave our opinion, we developed a national interface from scratch for it, something that Loki didn’t have. We even customized how the console manages memory,” explains Pedro Caxa.

Will Zeenix be manufactured in Brazil?

The company also provided clarification regarding the Zeenix manufacturing and warranty. According to Pedro Caxa, the portable PC will not be manufactured initially in Brazil, but the company already has plans to bring this process to the country, since TecToy has a presence in the Manaus Industrial Hub.

“We are already planning to assemble the product here in Brazil, in the Manaus Free Trade Zone. We are taking great care to do this step by step, very carefully. The company has learned a lot from Zeebo’s mistakes.”

TecToy has plans to manufacture the Zeenix in Brazil.

While the first batches will be imported, the laptop will arrive in the country with warranty and technical assistance. “We will have technical assistance, we will have a guarantee. So our difference will be precisely understanding the Brazilian market and, knowing this, being able to act with it in mind.

What will be the price of Zeenix? TecToy promises cheap console

Regarding the price of Zeenix Pro and Zeenix Lite, TecToy has promised to reveal new features in the coming weeks. In addition, the company said that aims to deliver a cheap portable PC for the Brazilian market, providing warranty and technical assistance.

“We are the only company with a low-cost device in the entry-level portable PC segment [no país]”, explains Pedro Caxa. “We already have other competitors in this area, but we will have the most AFFORDABLE from Brazil.

“We understand that the Brazilian public is afraid of spending R$3,500, R$5,000 on a product, which is the range you find the Steam Deck in, without a warranty, without assistance, without anything. “We are aware of this,” concludes the TecToy representative.

Now, we just have to wait for more news about the Zeenix line in the coming weeks. For those who will be at Gamescom, in São Paulo, the consoles are already on display at the TecToy booth.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/286461-zeenix-tectoy-fala-fabricacao-brasil-preco-garantia.htm

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