Get ready for fun! The developers at PlayWith Inc. have opened the game Seal: WHAT the FUN, which promises hours and hours of many group adventures, in a gameplay style party royale.

Taking place from today (27) until tomorrow, 04/28, closed beta testing is now open. And, best of all, the prints from those testing could be worth prizes; check out more details!

Share your prints and compete

Write it down on your calendar: in the next two days, April 27th and 28th, Seal: WHAT the FUN will be available for a closed beta test, which will offer gamers a good preview of the fun to come. From 7pm to midnightplayers who add the game to your wish list will be able to explore the action of the PlayWith Inc. launch.

But there are more attractions beyond the game. Participating in the beta test allows players to win prizes through a screenshot competition. see the step by step on how to participate:

  1. Capture your most memorable moments while gaming.
  2. Share the prints on the game’s website, with the “WHAT the FUN” seal, or on X (former Twitter) official.
  3. The luckiest participants will take home the prizes.

Okay, but after all, what are the prizes?

  • Steam Deck OLED – for 01 participant.
  • AirPods Max – for 03 participants.
  • Google Play Gift Card – for 30 participants.

Innovation in style party royale

(Source: PlayWith Inc./Disclosure)

Seal: WHAT the FUN It’s a style game party royale multiplayer (with several attractions at the same time and several participants) that promises to innovate within this genre. PlayWith Inc. guarantees that they will be exciting games, with several attractions spread throughout the games that can change the outcome of the matches from one moment to the next.

Com lots of customization options, each match can be special. Seal: WHAT the FUN brings an approach full of new mechanics and creative possibilities, which promises to stir the imagination of gamers. Just explore the world and start creating.

Each game may involve up to 20 players in 10-minute matches. Each match has 3 minigame rounds. Another cool thing is that characters can be customized with various effects and resources.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Seal: WHAT the FUN is part of the renowned Seal franchise, which began with the MMORPG Seal Online in 2003. There are several games that have captivated fans for over twenty years. To learn more, add the game to your Steam wishlist today!


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