There are games for all types of audiences on Steam, from the most difficult to the most relaxed. Of course, there are also some precious gems in the platform’s catalogue, such as, for example, a free simulator in which you can be Jesus Christ himself — a great way to pay for your sins this Good Friday.

And believe me, in I Am Jesus Christ you will truly be able to do everything Jesus did in his stories over 2000 years ago. From baptism to resurrection, some of JC’s activities include resisting Satan’s temptations in the wilderness, healing the sick, and helping those in need.

Other missions of free Jesus Christ game on Steam They also include feeding more than 5000 people, giving sight to the blind, calming the sea on a rainy day and even performing a list of 30 different types of miracles.

please note that I Am Jesus Christ It’s free to play on Steam. However, its complete version, which does not yet have a defined release date, will have even more things to do. Check out the trailer:

How does I Am Jesus Christ gameplay work?

To accomplish so many blessings in I Am Jesus ChristOf course, you will have to calibrate the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer. Remembering that the Jesus Christ simulator is inspired by New Testament stories — if that makes any difference to you.

The free version of the game is a little limited, but it is still possible to carry out a series of different activities inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. Check out some of them:

  • Experience the life of Christ firsthand, from his birth to his crucifixion and resurrection;
  • Explore accurate recreations of important sites in the Holy Land, including Jerusalem and Galilee;
  • Performing more than 30 incredible miracles, including feeding 5,000 people and walking on water;
  • Receive the Holy Spirit and increase your power through prayer;
  • Interact with more than 60 characters, including Christ’s disciples, in addition to recreating landmark events, such as The Last Supper.

Jesus facing the devil in the desert in I Am Jesus Christ, a free game on Steam.Source: Steam

Well, if you’ve never read the Bible and want to know the story of Jesus Christ, this could be a great way to do so, considering the fidelity to the original material.

Remembering that the purpose of this article is not to disrespect any religion, but rather recommend a free game that tells the story of the deity from a different perspective. What did you think of I Am Jesus Christ? Comment your impressions on social media Voxel!


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