Microsoft is innovating in personalization of the Xbox Series X, bringing a more affordable alternative to console limited editions. Unlike traditional stickers, the company is launching covers with velcro closureproviding a custom look without the need to purchase a special edition console.

The first one will be dedicated to Starfieldgame that has the release scheduled for October 18at the price of $49,99 (about BRL 249.00 in direct conversion). In addition, the company will release two camouflage options on November 10th. With this, it is the first time that it offers official customization since the era of Xbox 360marking a welcome return to handset customization.

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design and functionality

Xbox Series X skins are designed to fit the console without obstructing ventilation openings, ensuring proper airflow. Made with solid panels and high-tech fabric trim, they secure with a hook-and-loop closure, with interior silicone designs for stability.

A with the look of Starfield It is a futuristic approach that turns your device into something that looks like something out of a space adventure. The product will have a smooth white look, highlighting the important parts of the device with graphics inspired by the title.

The appearance is technological, with details that connect to the real functionality of the console, but with a touch that refers to the universe of the game. The design is complemented by symbols and prints that add a haptic feel, making it not just a piece of hardware, but an extension of the experience.

More skins for Xbox Series X

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Camouflaged options offer a more robust approach to design, available in two variations, Arctic Camo e Mineral Camo. The first uses shades of gray and white for a more subtle look, while the second is bolder with the presence of blues and purples. Both feature smooth textures and silicone-printed patterns, allowing users to customize to suit their style, whether it’s understated or more vibrant.

However, unfortunately, it has not yet been announced whether the covers will arrive in Brazil or at what price they will be offered in the country. But would you be interested? Did you like the options? Tell us on social media Voxel!

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