Amidst the controversies and heated discussions in the community on social media about the arrival of some Xbox exclusives on the PS5 and Nintendo Switch, Microsoft also appears to be facing problems in sales of its consoles. This, supposedly, would be causing uncertainty among several publishers in the market.

According to information from Christopher Dring, journalist responsible for the GamesIndustry.bizthe developers he spoke to during the most recent edition of the Game Developers Conference (GDC) suggest that the Xbox’s overall position in the current market poses problems for Microsoft.

According to Dring’s findings, sales of the Xbox Series X and S consoles would be stagnant in markets outside North America — mainly in Europe. This, apparently, is reason enough for publishers to question whether or not it is worth investing so much extra time in porting their games to Microsoft consoles.

“Xbox is in serious trouble as a hardware manufacturer,” Dring explained during a recent episode of the Xbox podcast. “The other thing I heard — I heard from one very prominent company and one not so prominent company — was that Xbox’s performance in Europe is simply stagnating.”

“You can follow our monthly market coverage and see that Xbox sales are falling, they fell all last year and are falling even more this year,” continued the journalist. “The line that a big company, who released a big game last year, said was, ‘I don’t know why we bother supporting it [Xbox]'”.

Exclusive Xbox games on competing consoles could be a bad sign

After several rumors and heated discussions from the community on social media, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Gaming, finally confirmed that some Xbox exclusives will be released on competing consoles — such as PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

The fact, of course, could be one of the biggest indicators of Xbox’s stagnation in markets outside North America. “With Xbox releasing some of its games on PS5 — from what I understand, most of them will be there at some point — I think Xbox is in serious trouble as a hardware manufacturer, and that’s what came out of GDC for me.” , justified Dring.

Sales of the Xbox Series X and S would be slipping outside the North American market and generating uncertainty for publishers, according to  GettyImages

While it’s difficult to get exact numbers, it’s important to note that Microsoft is currently in third place when it comes to console sales worldwide. In June 2023, the company even told the US Federal Trade Commission that it “lost the console wars.”

Remembering that none of this is official information from Microsoft. Therefore, Treat the text with caution as it is based on speculation and rumors — even if from reliable and credible sources.


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