Worlds 2023 is finally starting! In the early hours of this Monday (09), Golden Guardians e Team BDS they faced each other in search of the last place in the tournament and access to the Entry Phase.

The Europeans were much superior to the North Americans, achieving a calm 3-0, with the right to a 20-minute game and also a choice of We are by the BDS top laner, Adam.

In the second match, Golden Guardians attempted a reaction, but took the upset in a great match between Crownie and nuc, Team BDS’s two main carriers.

In the last map of the series, more control by the Europeans. The game didn’t even get out of their hands and Adam’s Garen proved even more unbearable for the North Americans to deal with.

With the result, the European team will now face the Team Whales and is in the group with Detonation FocusMe e CTBC Flying Oyster.

Worlds 2023: LOUD is Brazil in the LoL world championship

LOUD starts in the Entry Phase and has GAM as its first opponent. The last time Brazil played against a team from Vietnam was seven years ago.

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Luis Santana
published in October 9, 2023


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