This Thursday (14) the Riot Games revealed all the schedules of the Worlds 2023, o LoL world championship. The tournament will take place in South Korea and, due to the time difference, it will be broadcast in the early hours of Brazil.

In addition to having already released the times, Riot confirmed when the first LOUD game will be at Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship. The departure is scheduled for the 10th at 7am.

LoL World Cup times vary, starting at midnight on some days and, in the grand final, starting at five in the morning.

Worlds 2023: LoL World Cup schedules

Entry Phase

  • Tuesday, October 10th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Wednesday, October 11th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Thursday, October 12th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, October 13th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, October 14th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, October 15th – 0am (Brasília time)

Swiss Stage

  • Thursday, October 19th – 2am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, October 20th – 2am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, October 21st – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, October 22nd – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Monday, October 23rd – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Thursday, October 26th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, October 27th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, October 28th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, October 29th – 1am (Brasília time)

Knockout Stage

  • Thursday, November 2nd – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, November 3rd – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, November 4th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, November 5th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, November 11th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, November 12th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • (Final) Sunday, November 19th – 5am (Brasília time)

LOUD is Brazil at Worlds 2023

It is worth remembering that LOUD already has a defined opponent in the first series: GAM, formerly Gigabyte Marines. It has been seven years since Brazil last played against a team from Vietnam.

The good news is that LOUD’s players and coaching staff are confident. Shaquinn, the team’s analyst, commented on stream that LOUD was stomping GAM in MSI 2023 training.

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(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)
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