LOUD suffered its first defeat at Worlds 2023. Just like at MSI, the Brazilians were defeated by PSG Talon por 2-0 and now they need to continue their trajectory in the lower bracket.

After the defeat, Ceos gave an interview to the More Esports and talked about the match against PSG Talon. For the CBLOL broadcast, tinowns also commented on the team’s performance.

What to take from this defeat?

Obviously, PSG played very well. But, I think we are not very well prepared. I felt like the two drafts weren’t really our comfort, you know? In the first game we had them in hand, but the beginning of the game was still difficult.

It was good that we managed to come back, but we need to fix the draft so that we can be more comfortable and have a strong early game, which is how we like to play.

How was LOUD’s preparation for PSG Talon?

We knew how they like to play, but I think we didn’t value some picks, I would say. In the draft, we could have talked about Jarvan earlier, because like it or not they had Jarvan and we had Sivir and Taliyah who didn’t have mobility.

So, it became a little difficult to play and we failed a little in our preparation.

The biggest problem was Jarvan?

Oh, sure. It was very difficult for Sivir to play, if Sivir or Taliyah didn’t have flash, they already had to play very differently, far behind. It was a pick that we hadn’t trained against so much in training, it was very difficult.

Friends do Ceos

Overall, since the beginning of the year or a half, I think Rakan is a very versatile pick and also the two strong picks in the meta, Xayah and Kai’Sa. fits well. It’s a choice that you can shield, because it doesn’t have much of a counter and makes drafting much easier.

Motivo do Kha’Zix e Malphite

I think we got a little lost in the draft, because even Croc said later that when they get Rell in flex, it’s better to get his jungle at 2 or 3, so don’t get Alistar and get a stronger jungle, like Lee Sin and Viego, something stronger like that, so I think that was our mistake that made it really difficult because it came at the end and we didn’t have so many good options.

When will LOUD play again?

A LOUD returns to the stage next Saturday (14) and faces the winner of Gigabyte Marines e Rainbow7. If they win, they will still have the opportunity to qualify for the Swiss Stage of the championship.

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