O Worlds 2023 continues to break audience recordsmore specifically in games from T1. This time, the semi-final between T1 vs JDG was the most watched in the entire history of esports!

More than 4 million viewers between T1 and JDG

According to the website Esports Charts, the series had a peak of 4.3 million viewers. YouTube was the platform that had the biggest spike, with 2.1 million viewers.

The count does not take into account Chinese platforms, which must also have reached a large number of viewers.

The number is considerably higher than another record that Faker’s team achieved in this tournament. The quarterfinal between T1 and LNG was the most watched in esports history, with just over 3 million viewers at its peak.

T1 na final do Worlds 2023

T1’s classification for the LoL World Cup grand final had a huge impact on the community. It is the sixth final for Faker, who can win his fourth Worlds title.

There was even an LCK narrator crying over the victory of the team, the last representative of the region.

The grand final of the LoL world championship between T1 and Weibo Gaming is scheduled for November 19th. Follow complete coverage of Worlds 2023 with results, match statistics, calendar and more here on More Esports.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL Esports)

Bruno Rodrigues
published in November 12, 2023edited 4 days ago

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