T1 defeated Weibo Gaming 3-0 in the Worlds 2023 final and lifted its fourth LoL World Cup in the organization’s history. After that, the community started to ask themselves, what will be the T1 skins?

At the press conference, the team’s players commented on which champion they will choose to receive an original skin for the title at Worlds 2023. The only one who still doesn’t have an idea of ​​which one to choose is Faker.

Skins da T1 do Worlds 2023

  • Zeus – Yone ou Jayce
  • Oner – Lee Sin
  • Faker – Don’t know yet
  • Gumayusi – Jinx
  • Keria – Bardo or Renata Glasc

In the explanation, support said that they would like to choose the Luxbut did not play with the champion at Worlds 2023. Zeussays he is very divided, with his heart leaning towards Jaycebut the mind saying Again.

Gumayusi e Oner They were categorical in their answers and had no doubts about their choice. On the other hand, Faker He’s the only one who hasn’t thought about it yet. The greatest in the history of LoL said he will choose a champion that the public will like.

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How does choosing Worlds skins work?

When winning a LoL World Cup, players are presented with the choice of a champion to receive an original look, made the way they want. However, only the characters played by the athlete during the tournament will be available.

From 2022 onwards, the Finals MVP will receive an exclusive award, in addition to the title and will have a prestigious skin from the champion they choose to receive the cosmetic. Kingen, the year before, chose Aatrox.

T1 Worlds 2023 champion

Amid record viewership, T1 overpowered Weibo Gaming and became four-time LoL World Champion. The community reacted very excitedly to Faker’s fourth victory, ten years after his first tournament title.

Furthermore, the South Korean organization needed to beat all the LPL teams to lift the competition cup and Zeus was the MVP of the final with great performances against TheShy.

Luis Santana
published in November 19, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/worlds-2023-veja-quais-os-campeoes-que-receberao-skins-da-t1

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