O Worlds 2023 is scheduled to start on the day October 10th by you Stattrak you play Cartola do LoL World Cup. Build your team with players from the 22 teams in the tournament, climb the rankings and compete for various prizes!

O Cartola do Worlds 2023also known as Fantasy Game, is available for free on site da Stattrak. In addition to participating in the official platform leaguesyou can do the your own league to play with friends.

What is Stattrak Top Hat?

Stattrak’s Cartola, also known as Fantasy Game, is a type of team roster game. You start with a certain amount of money and select players from the different teams in the tournament in question. As money is limited, you must think carefully to assemble the best team possible.

With your team in shape, the next step is to hope that the chosen players perform well in the championship in which they are playing. In the LoL World Cup, your team’s score will depend on the actual performance of each player in the competition.

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Stattrak Leagues and Prizes

To make the competition even fiercer, you can participate in the official Stattrak league, the best placed will receive points that can be exchanged for exclusive prizes. You can use points to enter product raffles or redeem them for rewards in the Stattrak store.

How does Stattrak top hat scoring work in Worlds 2023?

The score is based on your team’s placement after each round of Worlds 2023 games. As we have already mentioned, these points are calculated according to the real performance of the selected players, which is based on statistics and achievements during the games. Check out:

  • Pentakills: 10 Pontos
  • Court Kills: 5 Point
  • Wins: 5 Points
  • Kills: 3 Points
  • Baron: 3 Points
  • Triple Kills 3 Pontos
  • Herald: 3 Points
  • Double Kills: 2 Pontos
  • Inhibitor: 2 Points
  • Assistance: 1 Points
  • Longest kill streak: 1 Points
  • Towers: 1 Points
  • Dragons: 1 Points
  • Farm: 0.01 Points
  • Wards: 0.01 Points
  • Deaths: -1 Points
  • Losses: -5 Points

Want to know more? In the articles below, Stattrak explains how player scores are calculated in LoL, CS and VALORANT:

Play Cartola do Worlds 2023 on your cell phone too!

If you don’t have time to spend on your PC, don’t worry, Stattrak has an app for Android and iOS. You can download it for free to play Cartola do Worlds 2023 directly from your cell phone.

Furthermore, at Stattrak you can also stay informed with the main esports news and can even see team and player statistics, which helps you build a good Fantasy Game line-up.

Image of Stattrak Top Hat at Worlds 2023

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