During the press conference for the grand final of Worlds 2023 we had the presence not only of T1 e Weibo Gaming, teams that will compete for the title, but also all the musicians from HEARTSTEEL and the group NewJeans, who produced the song GODS, the competition’s theme.

Hanni, from NewJeans, reveals he plays Garen Top

The journalists were able to ask questions to everyone present there, but one in question went viral in the community. Hanni, one of the members, was asked if she has ever played or watched LoL, and she revealed that she is a beginner at the game, but that she likes playing Garen at the top.

Since LoL is such a famous game, it’s hard not to know it, and I’ve known about it for a long time, but I only started playing it recently because of the music we made with Riot (GODS). It was really cool and I confess that I even got a little addicted on some nights. I haven’t been able to play many different champions or lanes, but for now I feel comfortable playing Garen, I think. But I’m not good, so don’t get your hopes up, I’m horrible…

Hanni’s speech ended up becoming a meme on the internet due to the “contrast” of a K-Pop Idol playing Garen, one of the most “rustic” champions in the game, both in appearance and mechanics.

Hanni’s speech also reached TheShy, considered one of the best top laners in history and a Worlds 2023 finalist by Weibo gaming. The player is a fan of the singer and even gave her a tip to play Garen at the top:

Garen is a champion who needs to be played aggressively and with pressure, so my tip for her is to not be afraid and play aggressively.

Final do Worlds 2023

The grand final of Worlds 2023 will take place on the day November 19 in between T1 e Weibo Gaming. It is worth noting that the group NewJeans, as well as HEARSTEEL, will perform the opening show of the event.

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(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)

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