After LOUD’s elimination at Worlds 2023, Robo talked about the series against GAM, lack of evolution of the team and cited that this was the most “frustrating” defeat of his career.

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Why hasn’t LOUD evolved?

The first games of these last two series were good, we had an advantage, but we ended up surrendering and that really hurt us. In planning we tried to change a little and this ended up making it even more difficult. In the second game we were fine, but we started doing some strange dives and that made it really difficult. In general, we tried to change too much from one game to the next, and because of that it became very difficult.

Robo feels he could do it differently

My feeling at the moment is frustration. I think the worst thing for a player is knowing they could have done more. If I go back there now or tomorrow, I know I will do much better, and that is the biggest frustration for any player. But overall, my experience was very positive, I managed to learn a lot and I will take a lot of that into the future.

What did Robo learn most in Worlds 2023?

I learned to play the early game in general. In Brazil we play more individualistically at the top, and this ends up changing the dynamics of the hunter and jungler. Here at the World Cup they play very different from what we are used to. The jungler out here is more aggressive, he punishes more, and he knows how to create a bigger snowball with the advantage. We had a little trouble with that, so that’s what I learned the most.

“Most frustrating series I’ve ever had”

We were on a path where we saw that it was possible, everyone believed that we could do it, we needed to beat two teams from Vietnam in a row and we beat one of them once, we showed that if we played our best, we could win, and that’s what makes me more frustrated. Knowing that if we had played our best, we could beat them, and because of that I’m very frustrated.

LOUD could have made better use of training with Major regions

We could have made better use of our training. It’s very frustrating to lose a lot, and we lost a lot to the Major teams. A lot of people on the team were frustrated, including me, and it broke our confidence. At the World Cup we had already regained our confidence, but maybe not 100% the same as when we played in Brazil, but it was already much better than the previous weeks, so we could certainly have had a better mentality in training.

Worst LOUD campaign?

I have a hard time saying whether it was the worst or not, but it was certainly the most frustrating. We were fully capable of advancing to the next phase, and that’s what frustrates me a lot. To assess whether it was the worst or not I have to wait a bit and see from the outside, but at the moment for me it was the most frustrating.

Is it possible to take all the learning from Worlds 2023 to Brazil?

I haven’t stopped to think about it yet, but honestly? It is very difficult to take everything we learned here to Brazil. The way people play is very, very different. The way they see the game about everything is very different, so there are windows in Brazil that don’t exist here, and because of that the game is very different. Like I said, when you change the dynamics of your jungler, you change the dynamics of the entire game. In Brazil we use the jungler in a very different way than they do here, so it’s very different to reproduce some things here. Here people play lane in a much more solid way, so because of that the whole game changes.

Repercussion of the defeat in the community

The elimination of LOUD had a lot of repercussions on social media. Spectators and even influential figures from the scene were frustrated and criticized the performance of some players in the series.

LS, a renowned community analyst, mentioned that LOUD’s draft in this series was one of the worst he has ever seen in international tournaments and criticized Robo and Croc’s performance.

In an interview on stage, Ceos, supporter of LOUD, spoke of “hassle” in the series against GAM. In an exclusive interview with More Esports, Tinowns opened up about the elimination and spoke of great frustration with the result. He commented on the team’s mistakes and said that he had high expectations for the tournament. Check out:

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