A LOUD suffered its first defeat in Worlds 2023. Just like in the MSI, the Brazilians were defeated by PSG Talon for 2-0.

With the defeat, the Brazilian organization is not yet eliminated from the competition. Now, they play in the lower bracket and the next opponent will be Rainbow7 or the Gigabyte Marines, the team they defeated in their debut.

LOUD x PSG Talon

PSG Talon started the first game of the series very well and opened up a big advantage over the Brazilian team. With another great performance from Junjia, the opponents dictated the pace of the game.

However, LOUD took control of the match after encountering a sequence of fights, but it was not enough to turn things around and they ended up losing in this first game of the series.

In the second game, LOUD didn’t even come to play. PSG Talon overpowered the Brazilian team and closed the series 2-0. Now, they await the winner of Team Whales and CFO, to define the first match from which the first classified for the Swiss Phase will emerge.

Upcoming Worlds 2023 games

The fourth day of Worlds 2023 will feature the following clashes:

  • Gigabyte Marines vs Rainbow7 – 4h
  • Team BDS vs Detonation FocusMe – 7h (aproximadamente)

When will LOUD play again?

LOUD returns to the stage next Saturday (14) and faces the winner of Gigabyte Marines and Rainbow7. If they win, they will still have the opportunity to qualify for the Swiss Stage of the championship.

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Luis Santana
published in October 12, 2023edited 3 days ago

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