A LOUD started the Worlds 2023 well in winning GAM 2-0, but this Thursday, they were defeated by PSG Talon, with complete defeat in the second game. Despite the defeat, the Brazilian team remains alive in the tournament and still has a chance of reaching the final of the Entry Phase.

Below, check out a summary of LOUD games, repercussions and interviews we conducted with LOUD players after the defeat to PSG Talon.

LOUD vs PSG Talon – How was the confrontation at Worlds 2023

The first match of the series was very competitive. PSG Talon had an advantage from the beginning, but LOUD managed good responses to not let the advantage skyrocket and had opportunities to turn the game around. However, already experienced, the PCS players didn’t give up and secured the 1-0.

In the second game, we saw a complete run over by PSG Talon over LOUD. The team dominated comfortably from start to finish and closed the series after 32 minutes with a score of 23-4.

See game statistics:

tinowns and Ceos talk about problems in the draft for the clash against PSG Talon

In an interview, Tinowns said that, in the second game, the team took a “draft diff” and this made it very difficult to seek victory. He also spoke about the reason for choosing Neeko over Kai’sa:

To be honest, we were comfortable with both options. But, maybe looking at it now, a little after the game, I’m not sure, maybe it would be better to have a Xayah or a Kai’Sa in his hands so we can force the bot. We managed to create a lot of advantage on the bot yesterday and open up the map a lot.

So maybe it was a good option. But, to be quite honest, even if we got a Kai’Sa, the rest of the draft there they understood very well what we wanted, they just played side and didn’t give us much of a window to do much. So they were pretty smart too, it was a bit of a draft diff.

Ceos also highlighted that LOUD was “lost” in the Draft, and that this made the series more difficult. Check out the video interview:

Route is confident for the next LOUD clash

Despite the defeat, ADC Route was confident for LOUD’s next clash, which could be against Rainbow7 or GAM.

We will face their winner (GAM vs R7) and I think our chances are very high. I’m very confident and both are teams that we can beat.

Repercussions of the defeat

LOUD’s next game at Worlds 2023

Now LOUD will play again on the day October 14 counts the winner of the game between Rainbow7 e GAM. It is not yet confirmed whether the team’s departure will be at 4 am or 7 am.

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