A Detonation FocusMe didn’t start well Worlds 2023. The Japanese lost 2-0 to CTBC Flying Oyster, but are still playing with Team BDS in the lower bracket looking to keep dreaming.

After the defeat, YutaponDFM ADC, spoke with the More Esports and commented on the setback and also his period as top lane in LJL.

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Problems in the defeat for the CFO

I still don’t know what the problem with the game was, but I think we let the enemies do what they wanted to do, so I think that was the problem.

Yutapon no top

After the scandal involving Detonation FocusMe and the tol2 case, the legendary Japanese player had to play in the top lane during part of the 2nd Split in the Japanese LoL league. For him, it was a challenging time.

It was fun to play in the top lane, but playing in the finals, I felt a lot of pressure.

Asked if this has hindered his progress as an ADC now, Yutapon disagrees.

Not a lot. When I switched back to ADC, things weren’t working well at first, but it wasn’t a big problem.

The meta for ADCs today

It’s simply Kai’Sa’s meta

Upcoming Worlds 2023 games

The fourth day of Worlds 2023 will feature the following clashes:

  • Gigabyte Marines vs Rainbow7 – 4h
  • Team BDS vs Detonation FocusMe – 7h (aproximadamente)


A LOUD returns to the stage next Saturday (14) and faces the winner of Gigabyte Marines e Rainbow7. If they win, they will still have the opportunity to qualify for the Swiss Stage of the championship.

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