A T1 ran over the Weibo Gaming in the grand final of Worlds 2023o LoL world championship. The moment was marked by the team being the first four-time world champion, but everyone was eager to see Faker lifting his fourth world trophy.

The player has been active for 10 years and is considered the best in LoL history. He won his first title in 2013, and now, 10 years later, he has won his fourth title! Check out the moment he lifts the Summoner’s Cup:

To reach the title, T1 needed to beat all LPL teams in the tournament, a feat that kept T1 from ever losing World Cup playoffs to Chinese teams in the history of the competition.

The LoL community went crazy with Faker’s title, which was even praised by the VALORANT community.

The series also made Worlds 2023 the most watched esports tournament in history. In a press conference, T1 players have already chosen the champions who will receive the Worlds 2023 skins.

(Image: Disclosure/LoL Esports)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in November 19, 2023edited 3 days ago

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