A Swiss Stage do Worlds 2023 keep going full steam ahead! This Friday, we meet the first teams that are close to qualifying for the playoffs and also those that can no longer lose in the tournament.

Games of the second day (20/10) of the Swiss Phase of Worlds 2023

  • NRG 1 x 0 Team Liquid
  • Cloud9 0 x 1 LNG
  • MAD Lions 1 x 0 Team BDS
  • Fnatic 1 x 0 GAM
  • Gen.G 1 x 0 T1
  • G2 1 x 0 Weibo
  • JDG 1 x 0 BLG
  • DK 0 x 1 KT

In the clashes on the second day, we had some expected results, such as Fnatic beating GAM, while MAD Lions also did better in the European domestic match and LNG beat Cloud9.

In the South Korean classic, Gen.G did better against T1 and, to the public’s surprise, G2 continued well and beat another Asian team, now Weibo Gaming. JDG continued its unbeaten run against BLG and KT complicated DK’s life in the championship.

Upcoming Worlds 2023 games

The teams that won two matches will face each other and the two that win will be classified for the Worlds 2023 playoffs. It is worth noting that all knockout and qualifying matches are in the MD3 format in the Swiss Phase.

The system follows the same for the other organizations, that is, whoever won just one, faces the team with the same record, as well as for those who have not yet won in the Swiss Phase, but the next game will be eliminatory.

Team games 2-0

1-1 team games

  • NRG x MAD Lions
  • T1 x Cloud9
  • Weibo Gaming x KT
  • Fnatic x BLG

Team games 0-2

  • DK x Team BDS
  • Team Liquid x GAM

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Luis Santana
published in October 20, 2023

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