Riot Games revealed all the schedules for the Worlds 2023 this Thursday (14). Shortly afterwards, on the website LoL Esports The time for the first match between the LOUD games in the LoL world cup, which will be against GAM.

How the championship will happen in South Korea, many games will start in the early hours of the morning. Fortunately, LOUD’s first game at Worlds 2023 will be at a legal time for Brazilians.

LOUD games at Worlds 2023?

LOUD’s first game will be against GAM (ex-Gigabyte Marines) no dia October 10th to the 7am. This time may change depending on the duration of previous games.

Riot has not yet revealed the time for LOUD’s second game at Worlds 2023, as it will depend not only on the team’s result, but also on other teams in the group.

What does LOUD need to do to advance to the next stage at Worlds 2023?

In the format of the Entry Phase, the teams were divided into two groups, and LOUD was drawn into group A, along with GAM, PSG Talon e Rainbow7. The format of the Entry Phase is double elimination, that is, even if LOUD loses the first match, they will still have a second chance.

The winner of the lower bracket of group A faces the winner of the lower bracket of group B, and vice versa. This series will be in MD5, and whoever wins advances to the Swiss Phase of Worlds 2023. Below, see the video explanation of the Worlds 2023 format:

In addition to the LOUD games, see other times for the LoL World Cup

Entry Phase

  • Tuesday, October 10th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Wednesday, October 11th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Thursday, October 12th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, October 13th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, October 14th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, October 15th – 0am (Brasília time)

Swiss Stage

  • Thursday, October 19th – 2am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, October 20th – 2am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, October 21st – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, October 22nd – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Monday, October 23rd – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Thursday, October 26th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, October 27th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, October 28th – 4am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, October 29th – 1am (Brasília time)

Knockout Stage

  • Thursday, November 2nd – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Friday, November 3rd – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, November 4th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, November 5th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Saturday, November 11th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • Sunday, November 12th – 5am (Brasília time)
  • (Final) Sunday, November 19th – 5am (Brasília time)

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(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)
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