T1 players had already defined which champions will receive the World Champion skins for the title of Worlds 2023, more breaking news or mid laner Faker changed his mind, and maybe Dig it up also change your choice.

New picks from Keria and Faker

Previously, Faker had chosen Ahri to win the world champion skin, but on stream the mid laner said that he should choose Orianna, as Ahri already has many skins.

Keria was in doubt between Bardo and Renata Glasc, but had said she would choose Bardo. Now, the player intends to switch to Renata, and even made another vote on his Instagram for fans to help decide.

Faker and Keria must exchange their skin choices for the LoL World Cup (Image: Disclosure/Riot)

If the changes actually materialize, the choices will be as follows:

  • Zeus – Jayce + Prestige Edition*
  • Oner – Lee Sin
  • Faker – Orianna
  • Gumayusi – Jinx
  • Dig it up – Renata Glasc

*The prestige edition is due to Zeus being the great MVP of the Worlds 2023 final.

It is worth remembering that players must have played with the champion they will choose to win the skin. Keria even wanted a skin for Lux and even asked Riot, but since he didn’t play with the champion, he won’t be able to choose her. Remember all the Worlds skin lines.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 22, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/worlds-2023-faker-e-keria-mudam-suas-escolhas-de-skin-do-mundial-de-lol

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