Another day of Swiss Stage of Worlds 2023 has come to an end and we have another team qualified for the competition’s playoffs: LNG!

The Chinese beat the KT Rolster 2-1, while the Dplus KIA ran over the Marines with a score of 2-0 and very quick games, as expected due to favoritism.

Dplus KIA x Marines

Perhaps the most one-sided game of the tournament. Vietnam’s representatives didn’t even have a chance to dream of a possible victory and were completely overwhelmed by DK, who won both games in almost less than 1 hour.

In the first match, the South Korean players died only once and finished the game in 26 minutes.

LNG x KT Rolster

The first game was well played, with KT taking the lead and being able to beat the Chinese representative. However, the organization made poor choices within the game and were unable to emerge victorious.

On the second map, KT overpowered LNG, while on the third map, the Chinese repeated the same feat as the South Koreans and secured their place in the Worlds 2023 playoffs.

Upcoming Worlds 2023 games

This Saturday (27), T1 e BLG face each other, qualifying for the Worlds 2023, since whoever loses will still play for their life and the winner will be in the playoffs. In addition to them, G2 e NRG They will also play a match that will guarantee the first team from the West in the decisive phase of the tournament.

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Luis Santana
published in October 27, 2023


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