LOUD is in South Korea to represent Brazil at Worlds 2023. After the overwhelming victory against paiN, the players had a period of rest and went to a bootcamp in the LoL Worlds host country.

For a long time now in the South Korean ranked queues, players from LOUD are looking to reach the Challenger in the region. This Sunday (01), Robo e Ceos reached the Grand Master and are the closest to being among the best on the server.

O top laner tem 188 gamescom 111 victories e 77 defeats. They are 69% de WinRate and is the LOUD player who played the most games in Korea. Its main champion remains the Renekton with 20 appearances.

Ceos, team support, are also doing very well in Korea’s ranked queues. Last to arrive there, he currently has 83 games, 58 wins e 25 defeats. Your favorite choice is Nautiluscom 23 matches and 73% WinRate.

Worlds 2023: LOUD is Brazil in the LoL world championship

Although LOUD players are taking advantage of LoL’s Korean soloQ, the focus is on Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship. The tournament takes place between October 10th and November 19th, with stages in Seoul and Busan.

LOUD starts in the Entry Phase and has GAM as its first opponent. The last time Brazil played against a team from Vietnam was seven years ago.

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Luis Santana
published in October 1, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/worlds-2023-ceos-e-robo-chegam-no-grao-mestre-na-coreia

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