During the match between G2 e Bilibili Gaming no Wolds 2023, Caps showed creativity when using the camouflage mechanic of the Neeko, transforming into a Cannon Minion to withstand more hits from the tower in a dive at level 5.

Caps play using Neeko’s passive

When performing a dive against Yagao, the player attacked him and immediately transformed into the Minion Cannon. The tower identified him as a minion and as a result, the damage from the shots did not increase.

Furthermore, cannon minions have 14% more resistance to shots, which meant that Caps could withstand more hits than a champion could withstand at his level. Check out:

This isn’t the champion’s only broken mechanic. Recently, players discovered that Neeko can dodge abilities that only affect champions,

this turning into a minion. The idea is the same as the play above, the game assumes that the player is a minion and with that he gains the attributes of one.

G2 was eliminated from Worlds 2023

Unfortunately, Caps’ play wasn’t enough to lead his team to victory. G2 was eliminated from Worlds 2023 this Sunday (29) after losing to Bilibili Gaming.

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Bruno Rodrigues
published in October 29, 2023edited 18 hours ago

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